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New York

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009


Jenny Holzer, Whitney Museum

Jenny Holzer, Whitney Museum

On the way back from Dubai, I stopped in New York for a few days to process my jetlag and catch up on a few shows.   The Jenny Holzer  exhibition at the Whitney is dynamic.  Holzer creates sculpture out of text, seduces with light and movement , all the while keeping the content probing and relevant.   The show has that Wow Factor that is especially heady on the Whitney’s fourth floor.  Whitney Museum


Lisa Yuskavage

Lisa Yuskavage

There were a number of worthy gallery shows, some with gratifying red dots on the price list.  Among them was Gordon Cheung’s show at Jack Shainman and Kamrooz Aram at Perry Rubinstein, also on the cover of Art in America, March issue.  The real standout was Lisa Yuskavage’s exhibition at David Zwirner.  Her paint and  provocation are a signficant force.  Definitely not a show you would see in Dubai!  David Zwirner Gallery

Middle East

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Islamic Museum, Doha, Qatar



Interior, Islamic Museum



Necklace, Islamic Museum



Bronze mask, Islamic Museum

I returned last week from a fascinating trip to Qatar and the UAE.  The Islamic Museum in Doha, which opened in November, is spectacular.  The collection was acquired primarily at auction over  approximately the past twenty years.  The beauty, rarity and quality of the objects on view is mesmerizing.  The building is designed by I.M. Pei  and is among the highlights of his career.  Islamic Museum


Art Dubai and the Sharjah Biennele made it a dense and productive trip.  I am a big fan of emerging market art fairs, especially in their early stages.  There is a dramatic sense of discovery and an authentic effort from the organizers, gallerists, artists and guests that is free from the cynicism and attitude that may permeate more established venues.    The accessibility to everyone and everything is refreshing and full of opportunity.  



Hayv Kahraman

Business at the Fair was uneven as it has been worldwide for the past eight months.  Buyers were cautious and limited.  However booths by L&M from New York and Lisson from London were first rate and would have been admired in Basel.   Paris-based Emmanuel Perrotin had an impressive installation by Farhad Moshiri who has been an auction favorite and sold well.  The Third Line of Dubai sold out work by Hayv Kahraman.  San Francisco gallery, Frey Norris did very well with their artist, Kate Eric.  Galleries were present from Syria, China, India and various European cities.



Nida Sinnokrot

The Sharjah Biennial is in its ninth edition and was the most intriguing to-date.  It was especially interesting to see so many artists that are unknown in the West.   Curators from MOMA, the Tate and multiple institutions from around the world were viewing the exhibition.  Many were in the area as participants in the Global Art Forum, an impressive educational program and think tank that runs parallel to Art Dubai.  Sharjah Biennial