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Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Dorothy and her new friend, Venice

You can imagine how much I hated to leave Venice since I met this fantastic guy…well, okay, so he was my most fabulous water taxi driver. It was too bad he couldn’t fit in the luggage! But duty calls, so it’s off to Zurich.


The Zurich galleries now host an Art Weekend as a run-up to the opening of the Basel Art Fair. Arriving by noon, I was able to catch a number of the exhibitions. The Lowenbrau neighborhood, centered at 270 Limatstrasse, is the concentrated area for a number of galleries, the Kunsthalle Zurich and the Migros Museum.


VENICE, Collateral Exhibitions, June 8

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Robert Morris at the Prada Foundation, Venice

In addition to the Giardini, Arsenale and the National pavilions, collateral exhibitions are featured in palazzos, museums and alternative spaces all over Venice. I spent the day seeing as many as possible.

Walter De Maria at the Prada Foundation, Venice

The Prada Foundation is presenting one of the most important exhibitions of the Biennale. Titled “When Attitude Becomes Form, Bern 1969/Venice 2013”, the Foundation has recreated the exhibition curated in 1969 by Harald Szeeman at the Kunsthalle Bern. The original exhibition was ground breaking in its’ day and has become mythic over time. Its’ reconstruction offers significant opportunity to rethink the dialogue and concepts that surrounded the original show. The extraordinary rigor is well retained in this reincarnation.


VENICE, Arsenale, June 7

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Camille Henrot, video, at the Arsenale, Venice

Massimiliano Gioni’s curated exhibition,“The Encyclopedic Palace”, continues at the Arsenale, along with the presentation of additional national pavilions. As mentioned previously, French artist, Camille Henrot, won the prize for best emerging young artist. Her video at the Arsenale exemplifies Gioni’s thesis concerning the quest for universal knowledge. The piece is a mesmerizing compendium of images and information drawn from biology, anthropology, philosophy, religion and literature. She attempts to capture the genesis of everything, recounted in a male voice that intermittently sounds like poetry, chanting or scientific dogma.



Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Carl Jung, from the “Red Book”, Venice Biennale


“The Encyclopedic Palace”, curated by Massimiliano Gioni, is the key exhibition of the Biennale. The first section is located in the Central Pavilion within the Giardini, where I began the day. The exhibition is essentially about the impossible dream of universal knowledge. From the opening installation of Carl Jung’s illustrated manuscript, “Red Book”, to the riveting performance piece created by Tino Sehgal, artists grapple with ways to reconcile the self with the universe. Whether the source is the personal internal or the social external, images are the vehicle of communication.

Gioni asks: What room is left for inner images in an era besieged and obsessed by external ones? What do we see with our eyes closed? How can images help us understand ourselves and the world around us?