On the trail from Isenfluh to Lobhornhutte

Today’s adventure began with a short train ride from Grindelwald to Lauterbrunner. Doris picked me up at the station and we drove to Isenfluh where we left the car. We took the gondola up to Sulweid and began hiking into a gorgeous forest. We were taking a trail predominately frequented by the locals that is not marked on the tourist maps.

Lunch stop at the Lobhornhutte

The Lobhorn above the patches of snow

The trail was steep and I was very glad to be using light-weight, carbon walking sticks that greatly facilitate the hike. After a couple of hours we reached the Lobhornhutte, our stop for lunch. This is a charming inn that offers meals as well as housing for about twelve people.  The views are spectacular and totally different in each direction. The Lobhorn peak looks like a rooster’s comb and is a favorite destination for climbers who often stay at the hut.

View from the trail to Doris’ mountain chalet

Dorothy with three new friends

After lunch and our descent, Doris took me to her family’s special mountain chalet. This is a place accessible only by foot that is tucked into the mountainside. There is no electricity, but fresh water runs from a spring and Doris has installed a gas stove. On the way to the house, we ran into some friends who were so kind to offer us a cold beer, which we happily drank on the porch of the house.

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