Staubbachfall  in Lauterbrunnen

Today Doris, my guide, and I began our hike from Lauterbrunnen, a town of a hundred waterfalls, the most renown of which is Trummelbach Falls. The valley floor is quite narrow and the walls of rock rise steeply. Water tumbles down in a raging torrent, especially after the deep, late winter of this year.

Dorothy and Doris on the trail

The Wengernalp restaurant with views to the mountains

We took the cable car to Allmend, one stop beyond the town of  Wengen. From there we climbed on a trail with exceptional views of the valley, through Mettenalp to Wengernalp. In Wengernalp we took a break, treating ourselves to a rich brew of coffee and slices of carrot cake and rhubarb pie made that morning by the local innkeeper. It felt especially decadent to be enjoying such things in the middle of this extraordinary environment.

View of the train from Jungfraujoch to Kleine Scheidegg

Afterwards I took the train to Kleine Scheidegg, the junction that meets the train coming from Jungfraujoch, the top of Europe, at 11,300 feet.  Here there is a transfer to another train that circles back to Grindelwald, my lovely base camp.

Heading up to Wengernalp

Alas, the journey ends as I’m off to Zurich airport in the morning and return to reality. Thanks for joining me on this trip to the Venice Biennale, the Basel Art Fair and a few days hiking in the Alps. I would be delighted to hear from you with any feedback or thoughts. If you missed any posts, they are on the Dorothy Goldeen Art Advisory Facebook page and as well as archived on the Blog.

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